Find time for the things & people you love!

Tired of being an overwhelmed and stressed out Caregiver? Wondering if you'll ever have time again for your own hobbies, interests & friends?

If so, The Happy Healthy Caregiver Community is for you!

This community contains exclusive content and a group of family Caregivers who know exactly what you are going through. 

YES! I'm Ready!


The HHC COMMUNITY contains everything you need to know about caring for yourself while caring for others.

"“Elizabeth is so delightfully normal. She isn’t an intimidating figure promising us impossible results. She’s open, honest and approachable. There isn’t anything that is out of reach for us caregivers.
It’s all so doable. I love that.” - Elizabeth H

"You usually find yourself in the middle of the sandwich generation, your world has just been shaken up, Elizabeth helps your put your world back together. The tips and tricks help to not only keep your sanity, but to keep the sanity of those who are depending on you. Must read if you are needed by those younger and older than you." – Heather D.

"“Elizabeth is so genuine and relatable and real.  These conversations are often so tricky because it's easy to feel like you're being judged or talked down to, but this one feels like you're just talking to a wise friend during a walk through the neighborhood, book club, or on the bleachers at a kids' sporting events. It's so important as a woman to take care of yourself, yet it's often one of the first things a busy woman lets slide.” – Meghan S.


More ME Time

I wish I had this step-by-step action plan when I was going through my journey of figuring out how to reclaim my life while still being the Caregiver for my family that I wanted to be.  I have thought through all the steps I took and created the videos, worksheets and supporting resources so that you just have to follow the plan. No guesswork.  Just a simple doable action to help you be healthier and happier. 

You are not alone

The Happy Healthy Caregiver Community includes a private forum of real caregivers just like you.  We juggle responsibilities, re-prioritize, figure out the health and medical lingo, react to emergencies, cry, and want to be happy and healthy. Between us all we can support and encourage each other in a private and caring way.

A Word From Elizabeth

“I love spending time with my family.  But I hated feeling like no matter what I did, it was never enough.  I have realized that paying my health and happiness first pays dividends for everyone.  I'm a better mom, daughter, wife, and employee when I invest the time in my own health, hobbies, & friends.  It pains me to see other family Caregivers struggle with finding this balance.  I want to help and I know I can.  That's what this private Happy Healthy Caregiver Community is all about."